Month: February 2022

Your Weight Is Not a Measure of Your Worth

This is something that I believe some of you need to hear and be reminded of. Overweighted Episode 004 Transcript I believe, as a woman that so much of how we feel about ourselves is wrapped up in our physical appearance and our attraction. And, you know, we hear a lot of times that men […]

How To Start Your Weight Loss Plan

I want to give you some practical tips that you can do right now to get your weight loss plan started. Overweighted Episode 003 Transcript Malaika Burley: Okay, so I want to give you some actual practical tips that can help you set up your weight loss plan so that you can be successful this […]

How I Got So Fat

I’ve actually never shared the full story of how I ended up gaining so much weight. I figured this was a good time to share. Overweighted Episode 002 Transcript Malaika Burley: Before I get into it, I want to recognize the fact that the word fat might be a trigger for some people. I apologize […]

What Is The Overweighted Podcast?

I’m so excited to launch this new podcast. I pray that it brings value and makes an impact on your life and isn’t just more noise in our oh so noisy world. Overweighted Episode 001 Transcript Malaika Burley: I’m so excited to actually get this podcast up and going. This is that first episode where […]

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