What Is The Overweighted Podcast?

I’m so excited to launch this new podcast. I pray that it brings value and makes an impact on your life and isn’t just more noise in our oh so noisy world.

Overweighted Episode 001 Transcript

Malaika Burley: I’m so excited to actually get this podcast up and going. This is that first episode where I basically am just going to say, what we’re here for, why I’m doing this and all those good things. So let’s start off with who is this for?

Who Is the Overweighted Podcast For?

Who do I really serve in the world. And mainly, that’s mostly going to be women. But of course, my brothers, you are so welcome to join us anytime here. Basically, women that have a significant amount of weight to lose. If you’ve lost weight and regained it over and over again. And probably when you gained it, you ended up gaining even more. If you are so sick of diets and restrictions and fads and all of those things. If you want to lose weight, and keep it off for good this time. And if you want some encouragement and accountability on your weight loss journey, then this is going to be the podcast for you.

About the Host

So my name is Malaika Burley. And just to tell you a little bit about myself, I love me some Jesus. And even though this isn’t really a Biblical weight loss podcast or a Biblical podcast, I am a woman of faith. So that will be thrown in here from time to time. So I just want you to be aware of that. I am a divorced mom of four. My kids are four of the most amazing, resilient kids ever. I am a breast cancer survivor. Matter of fact, I just recently got diagnosed with breast cancer during COVID in 2020. That wasn’t fun. I’ll just say that. I’ll share a little bit more about my testimony at some other point in time, because I really feel like it will help some of you that may be going through. But some of the other things, I have a BS in physiology, I’m a certified group fitness instructor and a certified nutrition coach. But most importantly, I am an encourager of people. I truly want to see you succeed, I want to provide value and help you on this weight loss journey.

Why I’m Doing This Podcast

So how did I even get into this, I started documenting my weight loss journey on YouTube a little over a year ago. And at that time, I didn’t know that it was going to lead me here. And that’s just God. Because at that time, I was in a different business, I was selling jewelry. I loved it. I was doing well it was providing for the kids and I and I wasn’t even trying to do anything else. So through starting that weight loss channel, the Lord ended up leading me here to where I am now. And at this point, now I’m starting this podcast. And if you want to listen to the full story of exactly how I got here and got started, I was a guest on the Garden a Favor podcast with Heather Shriver Burns, it’s episode number 108. I will link it in the show notes for you. But that’s going to really give you some detail about how I came from selling jewelry to becoming a fitness instructor and coach and having a show on Roku with my exercise classes. And then now here I am on this podcast. So it’s just a really interesting journey.

I personally am on a weight loss journey. Like I mentioned, I have my youtube channel documenting that. And I’m on a journey to lose about 200 pounds total. At this point, I have lost over 50 pounds. And I just love to share what’s working for me because I want to see you be your best self. however you define that for you. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to be really skinny or thin. It doesn’t mean that you want to necessarily fit in a certain size that whatever society says is the size that you need to fit into. But really just feeling your best and feeling confident and having the energy to do your best work and live your best life. So I love to share things that are working for me throughout my journey so that I can help and encourage others through there. So that’s exactly what this podcast is going to be about.

What the Overweighted Podcast is About

I’m going to be sharing my personal weight loss journey. I’m going to share my weigh-ins with you so you can know how I’m doing along my journey. I’m also going to share what it’s like living obese, the bad and the good. And as a weight loss mentor and coach, I am going to be sharing weight loss tips. And I like to make sure that however I’m losing weight and whatever I’m sharing that it’s going to be simple, successful, and sustainable. Simple, because I don’t know about you, but it can be overwhelming and confusing with all of the advice and things out there. Successful, because obviously, we actually want to lose the weight. And then sustainable, because we want to keep it off this time. Like I mentioned earlier, like if you’re in that losing weight and regaining cycle, that’s frustrating, I’ve been there I’ve done it. So I know what that’s like. So I want to make sure that whatever I’m doing now is sustainable. And we are keeping it off this time.

I’m also going to be sharing some mindset shifts, because really, the foundation of my business is Romans 12: 1-2. And if you know that verse, at least Romans 12:2 that’s, you know, be transformed by the renewing of your mind. So changing your mindset and your thinking is really going to be important on this journey. So I’m going to be sharing mindset shifts.

Let’s Celebrate You

I’m also going to obviously give you some encouragement and accountability, I’ve actually set up a SpeakPipe account. So if you go to MalaikaBurley.com\message, I would love for you to share with me some wins that you’re having on your weight loss journey, so that I can feature them here on the podcast. So if you, you know, lost two pounds this week, then I want to hear about it. If you have any non scale victories, like you just went down a dress size, or maybe you’re you used to average 5000 steps a day, and now you’re averaging 7000 steps a day, I want to hear that stuff. I want to celebrate you on the podcast. So again, malaikaburley.com/message. So I want to be able to celebrate with you and encourage you on your journey. And also help hold you accountable so that, again, we can make this something sustainable.

So that’s a little about who I am and what the Overweighted podcast is going to be all about. So join me each week and let’s mark lose weight off of our to do list for guys.

What Is The Overweighted Podcast?

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