Year: 2022

What and How Much to Eat to Lose Over 50 lbs

Overweighted Episode 13 Transcript Malaika Burley: So last week, we started our series on how to lose weight in 90 days and keep it off. And we created a starting point for you to really know where you are in your weight loss journey and to know exactly where you’re starting from and then where […]

Make it Easier to Succeed on Your Weight Loss Journey

Your weight loss journey is going to be challenging, especially in the beginning. These tips will make it easier for you to succeed and make the changes that you want to make so you can lose weight. Overweighted Episode 14 Transcript Malaika Burley: In this episode, we are going to talk about how to set […]

How to Be More Consistent on Your Weight Loss Journey

This is what I call the Popcorn Mentality. I’m going to break down 2 different strategies that you can use to help you be more consistent in your weight loss journey and stick to your weight loss plan. Overweighted Episode 05 Transcript Malaika Burley: Okay, so let’s talk about microwave popcorn. And first off, I […]

Your Weight Is Not a Measure of Your Worth

This is something that I believe some of you need to hear and be reminded of. Overweighted Episode 004 Transcript I believe, as a woman that so much of how we feel about ourselves is wrapped up in our physical appearance and our attraction. And, you know, we hear a lot of times that men […]

How To Start Your Weight Loss Plan

I want to give you some practical tips that you can do right now to get your weight loss plan started. Overweighted Episode 003 Transcript Malaika Burley: Okay, so I want to give you some actual practical tips that can help you set up your weight loss plan so that you can be successful this […]

How I Got So Fat

I’ve actually never shared the full story of how I ended up gaining so much weight. I figured this was a good time to share. Overweighted Episode 002 Transcript Malaika Burley: Before I get into it, I want to recognize the fact that the word fat might be a trigger for some people. I apologize […]

What Is The Overweighted Podcast?

I’m so excited to launch this new podcast. I pray that it brings value and makes an impact on your life and isn’t just more noise in our oh so noisy world. Overweighted Episode 001 Transcript Malaika Burley: I’m so excited to actually get this podcast up and going. This is that first episode where […]

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