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KWVHS is an online conference for women who love Jesus and want to experience health and wellness in all areas of life. You’ll have front row access to the wisdom and knowledge of 9 Powerful, Kingdom Women who are masters in their fields and are ready to arm you with the tools and knowledge you need to live your life as God intended.

 Grab the replays and get equipped to live healthy and healed, so you’re able to do the work that God has called you to do- whether that work is in the home, the marketplace, or in ministry.

Get ready to step fully into

1 Thess 5:23-24 MSG


Mandy Burress

Certified Kingdom Heartset and Mindset Coach

“Identity Theft: Rediscovering Who You Are And Whose You Are”
The enemy has been working to steal, kill, and destroy your identity so that you never know who you truly are in Christ. Mandy is bringing her wisdom and knowledge in the area of Identity and Authority in Christ to help you rediscover who you are in Him.

Bethany Montecalvo

Daughter of the Most High God, Celebrity Makeup Artist

 “Are You Using Nasty Products?” & “Kingdom Minded Makeup Time”
Bethany will be teaching on how to make your makeup time worship time. She’s also teaching us how to identify if some of the makeup we’re using is actually hurting us more than helping.

Dr. Alex Pankoke, DC

Doctor of Chiropractic

“Honoring His Magnificent Design as a Woman”
Dr. Alex will be sharing about how the Lord uniquely made us as women and how that affects our day to day lives and roles as mothers, wives, and friends. She’ll be teaching us how to work with our body’s cycles and hormones so that we can live full of energy and thrive.

Heather Oynes

Money Coach

“7 Kingdom Principles to De-Stress Your Money”
Heather is going to teach you how to use Biblical principles to confidently steward your money and do it with ease so that it’s no longer a point of contention. She’ll show you how to transform and be faithful with your finances starting right where you are.

Tia Fenner

Goal Success and Christian Mindset Coach

“HealThy SPIRIT for a Healthy Spirit”

Tia will be showing us how to set goals that stretch us to become who God is calling us to be but in a way that doesn’t overwhelm us. She uses the HealThy SPIRIT framework to make sure that our goals take our whole life into account and that we are honoring God in everything we do.

Brittney Jones

Christian Podcast Host and Former People Pleaser

“Being Gentle Wins The Battle- How to Intentionally Cultivate Healthy Relationships”

If your relationships are unhealthy and cause stress, then that can affect every other area of life whether you know it or not. Brittney is going to teach us how to use Kingdom principles to nurture and cultivate the relationships that mean the most to us.

Melissa Mittereder

Certified Holistic Healthcare Practitioner

“Health, Hope & Holy Spirit”
Melissa will be sharing from her experiences as a Breast Cancer Thriver and Holistic Healthcare Practitioner to show you how to heal from past trauma and hurts that are having an effect on your life today. It’s time to get to the root and pull up those weeds in your life, and she’ll show you how to live healed, whole, and holy from the inside out.

Kirsten Quick

ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Health Coach, and Bootcamp Instructor

“Mind, Body, Spirit Health”

Kirsten will be teaching us the importance of rest, hydration, nutrition, and exercise for our spirit, soul, and body. She focuses on health for the whole self not just the physical.

Heather Shriver Burns

Master Neuroscience Business & Biblical Life Coach

“Master Your Mindset to Achieve Your Health & Fitness Goals”

Heather will be showing us how to use Kingdom principles coupled with Neuroscience so that we can actually achieve the goals that we set for ourselves each year. She’ll explain why you’ve been struggling to do the very thing you want to do and how to coach yourself through it to get it done.

Hosted By Malaika Burley

Supermom of four superkids residing in Florida. Malaika graduated from Michigan State University with a B.S. in Physiology, is a Certified Nutrition Coach, and is also a Certified Group Fitness Instructor. In her work, having lost over 80 lbs herself, she combines her personal experiences with her formal education and guidance from the Holy Spirit. She is a Weight Loss Mentor, Host of the Overweighted Podcast, and Author of Christ Over Cookies.


General registration is free! Free registration is closed because this year’s summit has ended. You can purchase lifetime access to the replays.

There is a VIP upgrade option that includes additional perks and benefits. (VIP registration is closed until the next summit)

This online summit is for women who love Jesus and are looking to live healthy, whole, and free in Him. Get the knowledge and tools that you need to become the best version of yourself, so that you fully walk out your calling and are the woman God has created you to be.

This is not a hyped up sales presentation disguised as a webinar. The speakers want to arm you with the information you need to move forward in who you are in Christ.

The theme for the 2023 Kingdom Women’s Virtual Health Summit is “Becoming Whole & Holy”.

This event is completely online. The presentation schedule will be released to the attendees. 

Each attendee will have 48 hours to watch the replays if they cannot attend live. If you feel you’ll need more time to watch the presentations, consider upgrading to VIP registration.

(VIP registration is closed until the next summit)

With VIP registration, you receive:

  • Lifetime access to the summit instead of just 48 hours to watch the replays
  • A private VIP only group coaching session for 1 hour with a couple of the speakers/coaches from the summit (to be scheduled in June)
  • Three months Access to the Transformation Tribe Warriors Community when it reopens (Oct-Dec)
  • A discount on admission to the Transformed You Intensive in person event (September)
  • Signed copy of the new book “Christ Over Cookies: Winning the War Between Feeding Your Face and Fueling Your Faith”

Men are certainly welcome to attend. Just be aware that the presentations will be targeted towards women and speaking from a female perspective. Also men, make sure to invite the women in your life.

As the host, I pray over who God wants to be a part of the summit because really this is His event for His daughters. If you ‘d like to be considered as a speaker for the next summit, please click the link below to fill out the form. 

KWVHS Speaker Interest Form

Disclaimer: All information provided in this summit is of a general nature and is furnished for educational or entertainment purposes only. No information is to be taken as medical or other health advice pertaining to any individual’s specific health conditions. Neither the speakers nor the host is engaged in rendering any medical services, advice, diagnosis, or treatment of illness through this summit. The advice and strategies contained herein may not be suitable for your situation. You should consult with a professional, your physician, or other health care or mental health professional to determine if it is right for your needs. Neither the speakers nor the host nor anyone affiliated with this summit shall be responsible or liable for injury sustained as a result of using the content in this summit, including but not limited to special, incidental, consequential, personal, or other damages.

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