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    Transform Your Life with the Transformed You Intensive

    This 1-day, in-person workshop is the key to unlocking
    weight release & emotional freedom.

    Unlock your true potential, and embrace the life you’ve ALWAYS dreamed of.

    • Learn why you’ve been trying to lose weight for years and struggle to keep it off
    • Shed the lies of the world and the enemy about who you are
    • Learn to confidently walk out your purpose and calling
    • Break free from the oppression of your weight
    • Have the joy you’ve been longing for
    • Discover who God created you to be and the calling on your life
    • Get the skills you need to break out of the lose weight and gain it back cycle
    • Find out how to lose weight without ever dieting again
    • Discover how to love yourself just as you are while you work on becoming your healthier self

    Finally understanding the reason why you’ve struggled to lose weight and keep it off all these years. No more battling against the lies & negativity that the world and the enemy throw your way. Instead, you’re confidently walking in your purpose & calling, free from the weight that has held you back. 

    The time has come to break FREE from the oppression of your weight & experience genuine JOY like never before. Discover the incredible person God created you to be & embrace the powerful calling on your life. 

    You’re tired of the endless cycle of losing weight only to end up gaining it back … 
    The Transformed You Intensive has been designed to help you gain the skills & knowledge you need to break the cycle once & for all. Say good-bye to diets FOREVER as you learn effective methods for sustainable weight loss. 

    Most importantly, learn to love yourself unconditionally as you embark on the journey to becoming your healthiest self! 

    Yes! You can achieve all this & MORE!

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      Now is the time to take charge of your life & step into the person you were always meant to be.

      Join us on this life-changing journey TODAY! 
      The transformation you’ve been longing for awaits.


      This event is for Christian women who have struggled with their weight for years and are ready to be the women God called them to be. This is not a weight loss workshop. This is a workshop to equip you to fully walk out your calling and no longer allow your weight to hold you back.

      After you register, you will receive a series of welcome emails with all of the location, lunch, parking, and optional lodging information.

      Please make sure your email is correct before you complete your payment. Check your inbox for the first email with the subject line “See you at the Transformed You Intensive”. If you do not receive it, please check your promotions or spam folder.

      If you do not receive the email after 24 hours, please email me at

      The Transformed You Intensive is an in-person event because of the nature of the workshop and coaching.

      Registration is non-refundable. However, you can transfer your registration to someone else before September 1st. After September 1st, no transfers can be made.

      Lunch will be provided during the intensive. You will be sent an email as the event approaches to make your lunch selection. Please be sure your email is correct when you register as that is the only way we can contact you.

      No refunds or discounts will be given if you choose not to eat the provided lunch.

      The registration cost does not include lodging. Information for the hotel will be emailed to attendees after you register. We are working on getting a discounted rate.

      The Tribe Warriors Community is an online premium community for women who are looking to change their lifestyle to lose a significant amount of weight. The Tribe Warriors receive monthly group coaching as well as ongoing accountability and support. 

      Reach out to Malaika Burley at to discuss your options.

      Have any questions? Contact the Intensive Host, Malaika Burley, at